About Me

Heal the past. Vision the future. Shine Bright!


Are you struggling with clarity on your authentic life’s path? 

Are you ready to take real action to light up the path ahead of you?

I’m Celia, and I’ve walked a zig-zag path of adventures as I yearned and sought to clarify my own life’s purpose and path. Today, I am energized with gratitude and clarity, shining my authentic healer’s light for people like you.  If you are struggling, but ready to finally get clear on your own life’s purpose—if you want to learn to embrace and live from the gifts you carry—lean in.

My curiosity has led me down both traditional and more spiritual paths. I am a licensed mental health counselor with a Master’s degree in Counseling from Boston College and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Washington University. My path led me to serve as a school counselor, community mental health provider, and therapist in residential treatment and private practice. I discovered empowering and clarifying modalities such as Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy and transpersonal life coaching. It’s my honor to share these beautiful paths with you, helping you vision a future that truly lights you up.   

Perhaps you don’t know what to do… you might have worked so hard, or tried lots of different things, and yet you feel nothing is working for you. Maybe you don’t know where to turn.  You might feel out of options. Maybe it’s as if you are holding your breath with uncertainty.

Breathe out, allowing your lungs to empty completely for a brief moment as you sink into your chair and consider…

Imagine experiencing the freedom of opening up to options—and getting crystal clear on exactly where your path leads next. I am an alchemist.  I blend together evidenced-based practices and tapping into your intuition and spirituality.  Imagine how you could feel, with an energized supporter like me on your team, guiding you to come into deep alignment with your gifts and life’s purpose. What would your life look like?

I’m excited to hear from you today and to share with you my unique blend of tools. As a lifelong learner, I am always advancing my knowledge in the field. I offer a highly personalized approach, drawing from my toolbox to meet you exactly where you are and to help you discover and walk your soul’s path.

Contact me today to set up a time to begin your own journey.

What To Expect When You Contact Me


When you contact me, we’ll set up a time to meet for an initial session to talk about what you want to work on and develop your personalized plan to meet your goals. I’ll send you a link to complete your new client paperwork. It will help to maximize your first session if you have that completed ahead of time so that we’ll be able to spend more time on what you want to work on.